So why Beyond the Loop?

"Destino de Octubre"
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That's a really good question!

On the home page I outlined a few of the reasons as to why I chose to base the first sequel novel of the Loopingthrutime Trilogy solely on the antagonist character Willis October.   But even before my grandmother's comments, it seemed the only path worth taking.

Most people believe you should continue following the same characters you had in the first story, to maintain the continuity of the tale.  This is still the case in Beyond the Loop.  You'll still see Dr. Robert Irwin Peterson, or Bobby, Albert, Kelly, Jeff, Jacob, Gene, and so many others.  But the story of their origins and how they all came together was the essence of The Civilization Loop.  That story was about overcoming peril and making a potential future of disaster a thing of the past.  Beyond the Loop, however, is the crescendo!

This story is a prequel/parallel/sequel.  It's not to be confused with the likes of Back to the Future II where Doc and Marty confuse the heck out of time by going to the future, an alternate present and revisiting the past.  There are no other Willis October's or Bobby Peterson's.  There is an alternate reality, but only in the sense that you get more of the story of Willis October, and not a completely different existence.  You actually caught a glimpse of October's story as back story in The Civilization Loop.  In Beyond the Loop you will LIVE October's back story, from beginning to end.

The Civilization Loop was geared from the perspective of the protagonist Bobby Peterson and his struggle to overcome.  It's comparable to Luke Skywalker's story in Star Wars Episode IV:  A New Hope.  Beyond the Loop is all about October, much the way Star Wars Episode V:  The Empire Strikes Back was all about Darth Vader.  But, don't get your hopes up on any surprises the likes of which Empire offered.  October is definitely not Bobby's father!

The true surprises (yes, plural) of Beyond the Loop are October's journey itself.  You won't believe how he comes to acquire his cylindrical device, known for the first time as the Collider (click on The Collider page to learn more about this mysterious device).  Some of October's Interests will show up in the story, particularly his interest in whether or not God truly even exists.  You will meet Dr. Willis October and find out why he created his time traveling, Collider device to begin with.  But more importantly, you will see everything including events from The Civilization Loop through The Eyes of October.  His view was deranged, complex, unrelenting, and utterly chaotic.  As Emperor Palpatine once said, "What do people with power fear most?  Losing their power."  Nothing could be more true than in the case of Willis October...the man, the myth, the legend!

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